URP for Quirky Series

URP for Quirky Series

Pink materials

By default, all of the models use our custom “SoftSurface” shader (built upon Unity’s built-in shader) found in the “_Shader” folder. In the Inspector window, you can find this shader under Toon > SoftSurface. When using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP), the models will all turn pink indicating shader error that needs to be fixed. Simply follow these steps:

1. Select the materials to be fixed.

  • Tip 1: You can edit multiple Material assets at the same time
  • Tip 2: To select multiple Materials across different folders, use the filter by Material by (i) typing in “t:Material” into the search bar, or (ii) clicking the icon next to the search bar and selecting “Material”.
Select the materials to be fixed

    2. Change the shader slot to Shader Graph > SoftSurfaceGraph.

    3. Done!


    4. Also do it for other materials that need fixing.

    Repeat for other materials